Parents, we all know selling wrapping paper, candles, and tubs of cookies is the most rewarding thing we do for our students, right? Who doesn’t want to take a catalog to work and beg folks to support their kid’s school? And keeping up with who has paid and who hasn’t – also a delight!



We’re going to make it a bit easier on you…and on us. We have set up a School Pay page (the school district’s version of GoFundMe) at AVID School Pay in an attempt to spare you the headache of selling items. We will supply each student with 3 letters to distribute to family members or friends asking them to consider helping us fund our end of the year AVID Celebration Night. This is the night we like to recognize, reward, and rejoice with our AVID family, but it isn’t cheap! We’d like to provide a meal, purchase certificated and plaques, and put together small bags of AVID goodies for our newly accepted AVID students. Would you help us pull that off?

Maybe you aren’t in a position to make a donation, but perhaps you’re willing to take a letter to a business in town or mail it to a family member who might donate. You may even have donors who would rather write a check than deal with School Pay, and that’s also okay. Just make sure the check is made to Pasco Middle School and that it has a phone number and physical address on it. Ask them to include AVID in the memo line.

Feel free to post the link ( on your Facebook or Twitter or to make additional copies of the letter to distribute. Thank you in advance for your help in spreading the word about our need and fundraising attempts.


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