AVID Elective Supplies

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Hello AVID Families –

We are excited to start the 2017-2018 school year…hope you are ready to work like a captain and play like a Pirate!

Here’s what THE SCHOOL provides for you:

  • 2 inch binder
  • 1 pencil pouch
  • 1 pack of dividers
  • 2 pencils
  • 1 pen
  • 1 highlighter
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 pencil sharpener
  • 1 planner

Here’s what YOU need to provide for yourself for the AVID Elective:

  • 1 single subject spiral (preferably college ruled)
  • 1 pack looseleaf notebook paper (preferably college ruled)
  • sheet protectors (highly recommended but not required)

Generic items suggested to have for use in any class:

  • 1 pack colored pencils
  • 1 sharpie
  • 1 glue stick
  • headphones (worn with teacher permission only)

We know the binder can get pretty big, BUT if you keep it organized and carry only what you need, it is very doable AND helpful. Don’t put all your extras in your binder or backpack – leave them at home until you need them. Don’t carry 8 million pens, pencils, markers, etc – just carry a few. Don’t have extra spirals – only the ones you are required to have for your classes. Don’t keep all your doodles and scrap paper in your binder – clean it out once a week. Don’t hold onto unnecessary items – talk to your teachers about which assignments are kept in the binder, which are kept in a file at home (for EOC prep at the end of the year), and which can be tossed. Remember, every item has a home, so make sure it gets there!

Treat your binder like a symbol of your education…if it’s important to you, work on it, use it, improve it, and take it seriously!

Get a Jump on 1st Qtr Volunteer Hours

Attention AVID Students!! Your help is needed on August 9th with various projects around school (distributing binders and planners, organizing items for teachers, cleaning rooms, putting up bulletin boards, etc.). You need to have your own transportation and may come for any length of time between 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM (bring your own water, snacks, lunch). If you would like to volunteer at school next Wednesday, please text Mrs. Mickler at 704-929-9878 with your full name and the hours you plan to help. Check in and out will be in Mickler’s AVID room. 

Volunteer Opportunity

As the last quarter draws to a close, here is one more opportunity to get those hours in before the last day of school.

The Get Moving Tampa Bay 5k is an annual community event that raises awareness regarding the dangers of not keeping our bodies moving. The non-profit organization, Get Moving Tampa Bay, Inc is the creator of the race and is always looking to get the community involved. While runners are always welcomed, they also love to have volunteers.

If you are interested in registering for the race, see below. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact info@getmovingtampabay.org for more information. 


AVID Fundraiser…don’t freak out!


Parents, we all know selling wrapping paper, candles, and tubs of cookies is the most rewarding thing we do for our students, right? Who doesn’t want to take a catalog to work and beg folks to support their kid’s school? And keeping up with who has paid and who hasn’t – also a delight!



We’re going to make it a bit easier on you…and on us. We have set up a School Pay page (the school district’s version of GoFundMe) at AVID School Pay in an attempt to spare you the headache of selling items. We will supply each student with 3 letters to distribute to family members or friends asking them to consider helping us fund our end of the year AVID Celebration Night. This is the night we like to recognize, reward, and rejoice with our AVID family, but it isn’t cheap! We’d like to provide a meal, purchase certificated and plaques, and put together small bags of AVID goodies for our newly accepted AVID students. Would you help us pull that off?

Maybe you aren’t in a position to make a donation, but perhaps you’re willing to take a letter to a business in town or mail it to a family member who might donate. You may even have donors who would rather write a check than deal with School Pay, and that’s also okay. Just make sure the check is made to Pasco Middle School and that it has a phone number and physical address on it. Ask them to include AVID in the memo line.

Feel free to post the link (https://www.schoolpay.com/pay/for/PASCO-MIDDLE-SCHOOL-AVID-DONATION-/Id9Ru) on your Facebook or Twitter or to make additional copies of the letter to distribute. Thank you in advance for your help in spreading the word about our need and fundraising attempts.

Exciting Volunteer Opportunity


One of our tutors, Miss Rainey, has asked for volunteers to help her with Challenger Baseball. This is a baseball league for boys and girls ranging from age 4-23 who have special needs. Their game is each Saturday (minus Spring Break) from 8:30-11ish on field 3 at Burk’s Park in Dade City. Volunteers would assist the athletes as they run the bases and field lightly hit balls.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Rainey Tomkow at (352) 340-7802 or rbtomkow@gmail.com

Pasco High 9th Grade Orientation


8th grade families, you might be excited, or you might be in denial, but the fact remains, your babies are almost high schoolers!

Pasco High is having Pirate Curriculum Night on Thursday, February 16th, starting at 6PM in their gym. 8th grade students and parents are encouraged to attend to learn about:

  • online courses
  • AICE courses
  • AP courses
  • Dual Enrollment
  • elective offerings
  • other important info regarding classes and graduation requirements

Please contact the high school with any additional questions.


Dress for Success Days

Parents and students, please be reminded that the expectation for Dress for Success day is to wear professional attire ALL day, not just for the time surrounding your AVID class. Students who change will not earn credit and risk their spot in the program if they continue to break the expectation. The point behind this day is to learn to be comfortable in this type of clothing to be better prepared for the future. The more a student learns to be at ease and be him/herself while dressed professionally, the more his/her skills and character can shine.