Each AVID student is required to complete 5 hours of unpaid volunteer/community service hours each quarter. Hours do not roll over from quarter to quarter. The AVID elective period with the most hours each quarter will receive a party, and the student with the most hours at the end of the year will also be recognized.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation of all hours and provide verification through an adult signature. Use the log below to do so.

AVID Volunteer Log

It is also the student’s responsibility to set up all volunteering opportunities unless your AVID teacher provides information through the blog/class. The student should contact the organization or supervisor, ask to speak with someone about volunteering opportunities, and then follow through with doing what he/she committed to do.

Some Volunteer Suggestions:

  • Coastal Clean Up (usually sponsored by PMS AVID)
  • FMC Healing Arts (usually sponsored by PMS AVID)
  • Campus clean up
  • Working after school with a teacher
  • Dade City Wild Things
  • Tutoring at The Christian Edge (contact Lorena Lucas at lorenalucas@verizon.net)
  • Church events
  • Nursing home visitation
  • Making cards for veterans
  • Visiting hospitals
  • Helping in animal shelters
  • Tending gardens/nurseries
  • Helping in libraries
  • Helping at elementary schools

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