ALL Pasco Middle students receive:

(1) 2-inch binder

(1) pack of dividers

(1) pencil pouch

(1) planner

(2) pencils

(2) pens

(1) highlighter

** During the first week of school, individual teams/teachers will let students know what additional supplies are required for each class (loose-leaf paper, spirals, colored pencils, glue sticks, etc.) and how it should be organized in the binder. 

It is the expectation that ALL students, especially AVID Elective students, carry and use the binder and planner on a daily basis. If you are gentle with your binder when carrying, storing, using, and transporting, it should last you the entire year. If the binder breaks, you are responsible for replacing it. Some binders will be sold (at a lower price than most stores) in the front office while supplies last. At least twice a week, you should clean and organize your binder in order to keep it in acceptable condition. A good practice is to take old notes and assignments out, BUT KEEP THEM IN A FOLDER AT HOME UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR. You will want access to them as your prepare for EOCs.

You do not have to use the binder the school provides, but YOU MUST USE SOMETHING COMPARABLE (at least 2 inches wide). Multiple binders or notebooks are not permitted. Planners must be paper-based, not electronic. Taking photos of assignment boards is permitted, BUT MUST BE DONE IN ADDITION TO WRITING IN A PAPER-BASED PLANNER. You may use a planner of your own choosing as long as you include all 6 periods of your school day.

Binders and planners will be graded on a weekly basis and count as part of your participation grade.


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