While there is no absolute mold for an AVID student, we generally look for a student who is capable of and/or committed to (though not necessarily putting into practice):

  • Average to high test scores (FSA, MAPs, classroom assessments, etc.)
  • 2.0-3.5 GPA
  • Attending college/university
  • Hard work
  • The desire to succeed
  • On-track attendance & behavior
  • Being successful in at least one advanced class (with the support of the AVID Elective)

Many AVID students are also:

  • First generation to attend college
  • Under-served/Under-represented in four-year colleges

Please register for the myLearning course, read all about us, see what current students have to say, ask questions, and fill out the application in its entirety if you’re interested!



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